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The Irish Immigration to Canada began in late 17 century. The reasons for the immigration were, The failure of potato crop in Ireland and World War II .

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they came by ship, so there was a lot of diseases.

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Q: How did the Irish get to Canada?
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is Irish taught in school in Canada?

If when you say Irish, you mean Gaelic, then no.

How did the Irish come to Canada?

Irish immigrants sailed to Canada as early as the 17th century. The Irish chose to leave Ireland due to the Great Famine that lasted from 1845 to 1852.

Where did Irish people live before coming to Canada?

Irish people quite likely lived in Ireland before Canada. Also some came from America to Canada.

When was Tom Irish born?

Tom Irish was born on January 21, 1932, in Canada.

How do you say Canada in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic: Canada In Irish Gaelic: Ceanada

Where did the Irish immigrate too?

they immigrated to the US and Canada

When did Irish leave their country to go to Canada?


Where are Irish immigrants going?

Irish immigrants are going to Ireland, Irish emigrants are going to many places including America, Australia, Britain and Canada.

During The Great Irish Famine why did the Irish immigrate and where did they go?

The Irish immigrated because they were in poverty and they barely had any food. They went to U.S.A or Canada.

How did the Irish immigrants change Canada?

They helped create Canada. Some of our Fathers of Confederation were Irish, most famously DArcy Mcgee, our first politician to be assassinated by the Americans, or as they prefer by an American, actually they prefer if we say by an Irish man who just happened to be American but that is another answer. The Irish were also one of the groups that built the railways in Canada, including the railway to the West Coast. They have been traditionally been very supportive of independence from Britain and of minority rights in Canada.

What are fenians?

While the term originated in the US, it generally is applied to Irish Nationalist or Irish Republicans.

Why did Irish emigrate to Canada?

Grinding poverty and British supresion of Catholics.