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There have been many different theories as to the nature of consciousness and as wide and as varied as they are what seems remarkably clear is how limited our conscious understanding of consciousness is. Where does consciousness come from? Can scientists point to it in our biological structure? Does consciousness exist outside our bodies? Certainly when we are using our conscious state to be self analytical we use language such as looking inward for answers. Certainly, when we look inward, we are not looking at our guts and gray matter but something much more elusive. When we look to the future we are using ideas and images that in many ways break free from the inherently subjective nature of our bodies and the senses we rely upon to investigate the world around us. It's as if we have a body that can see, hear, smell, touch and taste and then we have a consciousness that will take all that processed information and interpret into our own point of view. This point of view is distinctly individual by nature, and if it were up to just the senses provided by body it would be a limited point of view indeed. But we possess more than just these five senses, we are equipped with the ability to postulate, to hypothesize, the make theories and to find ways in which to test these theories. Where in the anatomy of human bodies do we find these "senses"?

Our individuality instantly and biologically evident. We each carry a unique thumb print, retina scans show uniqueness to our eyes and everybody's DNA is different and individual. That is the biological nature of our individuality yet in language individuality is marked by personality, by attitude and by distinction of behavior. In literature as in plays and even films the story is marked by a plot filled with characters. The main characters usually dictate the journey of the plot by the actions they pursue. The hero becomes the hero through his actions, and the villain through his actions. The same is true for all of us in life. What we do, the actions we pursue is the plot of our lives and those actions are determined by our conscious or unconscious decisions and this is the greatest affect that consciousness has on the individual. The higher the awareness of consciousness the more likely that actions pursued will be of an ethical and just nature, the lower the level of consciousness the less likely the actions pursued will lead to any greater good. Your personality is directly affected by your level of awareness. The higher your level of awareness the higher your level of consciousness the more distinct your individuality becomes.

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Q: How does conscience affects my individuality?
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