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Q: How does delegate system works?
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Why is it important to delegate duties and responsibilities?

It is to delegate works or duties as it can leads to more involved and empowered workforce and can also leads us to a better decision making.

Who is Reginaldo Asu Mangue?

Reginaldo Asu Mangue is the Delegate Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures in Equatorial Guinea.

What are the importance of delegate?

what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management

Why are alternate delegate needed at conventions?

Because any delegate that does not show up at the convention is removed and their delegate slot is given to an alternate delegate.

What is the noun form of delegate?

The personal noun form of delegate is also delegate (a delegate). The noun for the process of delegating, or a group of delegates, is delegation.

How does the confederation system works?

A confederation governing system is a political system where its constituents decide to delegate some powers to a central governing body. Usually it is limited to certain specific policies, like foreign affairs or military co-operation. One of the features of a confederation is that a participating state has a right to withdraw from a confederation.

What Was Benjamin Franklin delegate to?

he was delegate to what of Pennsylvania

Does a cottonwood tree have a taproot or fibrous root?

acacia is a taproot

Does the skeletal system work with the excretory system?

No, the skeletal system works with the muscular system. The excretory system works with the digestive system.

Does the winner in the Iowa cacus win all of the delegate votes or only part of them?

The delegates are awarded on a proportional system

Which delegate favored republicanism rather than the constitution modeled after the British system?

James Madison

Delegate from Rhode Island?

delegate from rhode island