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A prime minister in Belgium can stay in office until removed or voluntarily leave office. She or he can also be removed from office by a new election.

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Q: How long can a prime minister stay in office in belgium?
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How long was Guy Verhofstadt prime minister in Belgium?

Guy Verhofstadt was the prime minister of Belgium from 1999 July 12 to 2008 March 20, nearly 9 years.

How long can a Jamaican prime minister stay in office?

five years

Who was British prime minister 65 years?

No British Prime Minister has been in office for anything LIKE this long- the longest serving Prime Minister to date has been Lord Liverpool, who was in office from 1812 to '27, a total of 15 years.

How long can a prime minister stay in office for china?

There is not a set amount of time.

How long is a term for a premier in office?

A Premier serves in office for approximately 4 years, same amount of years as a Prime Minister. Both Canadians Prime Minister, and Premier can serve as long as they want, only if they are reelected.

How long is a term for the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda?

Elections are held every five years in the country of Antigua and Barbuda. The office for the Prime Minister is up for reelection. The last election for Prime Minister was in 2009.

Was there ever a woman that was a prime minister and what was her party and how long was she in office?

no there has been no female PM

Is there a maximum time to be a prime minister in Canada?

A PM serves until his party loses an election, he steps down as leader, or retires.

How long can a prime minister stay in office in Quebec?

The French Prime Minister has no defined length for his stay in office. The President is elected for five years and picks the Prime Minister within the parliamentary majority. The Prime Minister has to answer to parliament which can ask for him to be removed. In French politics, it is common for the Prime Minister to protect the popularity of the president by taking responsibility of unpopular policies, and afterwards offer his resignation to the President. (The office of Prime Minister is often compared to that of a lightning rod.) Some Prime ministers stayed very few months in offices, others for many years.

Who is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2013?

Hailemariam Desalegn is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2013.Haliemariam became acting prime minister on 2012 August 20, officially becoming prime minister on Sept 21. He replaced long time Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Asres whom died in office.

How long can a Prime Minister stay in office in Vietnam?

The leader of Vietnam is called the President of the Social Republic, not the Prime Minister. A term is five years long, and only two terms can be served.

How long is Australia's president in office?

Australia does not have a president. The government is run by a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is elected for a maximum of three years per term, but there is no limit to how many consecutive terms they can be elected to office.