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She sailed from southampton england on the 10th april 1912 and hit the iceberg at 11.40pm on the 14th april 1912, She sunk on the 15th april at 3.40am so the voyage length was just above 4 days. However captain smith expected his arrival in new york on the 17th april 1912. a sailing time of seven days.

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how many hours and minutes does it take to reach the titanic on the ocean floor

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The Titanic left on April 10, 1912, and sank on April 14.

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Q: How long was the titanics voyage?
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What made the titanics voyage fateful?

that it was a unsinkable ship

Where was the Titanics Destnation?

The Titanic's destination on her maiden voyage was the port of New York.

What was the purpose of the titanics voyage?

It was supposed to sail to new york (usa) But that didn't turn out so well

What was the destination for Titanic's maiden voyage?

the Titanics destination was New York City

What Date Was The Titanic's Maiden Voyage?

the titanic's maiden voyage was on the 10th of April 1912!The Titanic began her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912 from Southampton, UK towards New York City, US. Unfortunately, on April 15, 1912, she sank into the North Atlantic Ocean. The accident claimed the lives of more than 1,500 passengers.The Titanics maiden voyage was on April 10,1912!the titanics maiden voyage was April twelfth nineteen twelve it sank on its maiden voyage

How long is the titanics swimming pool?

It was believed that Titanic's pool is 50 yards long.

Where did the Titanic first set sail?

Southampton Southampton is not correct, Titanics first voyage began on 2/4/1912 when she sailed from Belfast to Southampton with paying customers

What is the titanics nickname?


The iceberg ruptured how many of the Titanics watertight compartments?

The iceberg ruptured how many of the Titanics watertight compartments

When was The Long Voyage created?

The Long Voyage was created in 1853.

Who was titanics designer?

Thomas Andrews

Who rescued titanics passengers?

The Carpathia