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there are 67 counties

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Q: How many countries are in Florida?
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How many countries came to Florida?

The countries that came to Florida are 4 of them.

How many countries are in flordia?

There are no countries in Florida. Florida is a state in the United States.

What is Florida's countries?

well, Florida is a Country....

What are Florida's countries?

Please stop WASTING ppl's time. You KNOW Florida does NOT have COUNTRIES!!!

How many countries lie between Brazil and Florida?

If you were to get on a plane and fly to Brazil, you wouldn't have to go over any other countries.

How many countries do you have to pass to get from Philadelphia to Florida?

Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania which is in the United States. Florida is also in the United States so you do not pass any countries. You stay in the same one. check out a map please.

What is the island countries off the coast of Florida?

Florida Keys

What famous tasks did Ponce de Leon accomplish?

he found Florida and many south American countries

Which countries do orange?

orlando, Florida

What produces in state Florida trade to other countries or other states?

Oranges and strawberries is what Florida trad to other states and or countries

How many coastline does Florida have?

Of any US state, yes. But including countries, no.

Which countries border Florida state?