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27 seats are held by members of ethnic minorities.

27 people of African, Asian, or Caribbean descent were voted into parliament on May 6, almost double the previous number.

Ashok Viswanathan, from the campaign group Operation Black Vote, credits the increase, in part, to a record number of ethnic minorities who voted.

"Turnout went from 61 percent to 65 percent overall, and within the black minority ethnic communities it went from around 45 percent to around 55 percent," Viswanathan said. "So a greater increase in turn out amongst black minority ethnic communities than the increase by the wider electorate."

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Q: How many people from an ethnic minority are members of parliament in the UK?
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What do you mean by parliament?

The Parliament is the British equivalent of the American Senate. The people elect their Members of Parliament for their particular area who sit in the Parliament. They then vote proposals into law.

How are senators and members of parliament similar?

They both some how gave advice to other people/people in lower positions than them.

How are Members of Parliament elected?

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected through general elections or bi-elections by the residents of their constituency that are eligible to vote. The candidate with the highest number of votes is subsequently appointed as a Member of Parliament.

Why was the emergence of Parliament important?

Parliament's emergence became a check upon the power of the King of England. As Parliament's stature grew more and more powerful, the King's powers diminished. The King was no longer completely above the law as he had been before there was a Parliament. Although the common person did not have rights of voting for members of Parliament at first, the emergence of Parliament showed that the people the King governed had a say in how he governed. This also introduced the concept that governmental powers should be separated; that no one person or group should have total control over all the powers that a government has.

Is a government by the people good?

Not necessarily. The election may be just for the president and the Parliament. Then the government could be assigned by the political party having majority in the parliament. In other election systems, the Prime minister could elected by people and he selects the members of his government.

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Members of European Parliament or MEPs

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What people where in England's parliament?

Elected members

Who are the people in Parliament?

the parliament now has more and more people from different backgrounds.There are more rural members as also members from many regional parties.Groups and people that were till now unpresented are beginning to get elected to the parliament

Who represents the regular people in the british parliament?

Duly elected members of Parliament.