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Not necessarily. The election may be just for the president and the Parliament. Then the government could be assigned by the political party having majority in the parliament. In other election systems, the Prime minister could elected by people and he selects the members of his government.

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If by that you mean a democracy, then yes. democracies are a great government because people all have a say in what goes on, instead of the leaders or the rich controlling everything.

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Q: Is a government by the people good?
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What can government do for the people?

The government can improve the quality of life of the people by good governance.

Good things about a democratic government?

It has freedom and the ability to control the government in a way thats good for the people!

Where did the founders get their idea about good government?

good governments get their power from their people!

What are the duties of a good government?

duties of government are to ensure welfare of people of the country if the government has to be good it has to ensure equality,peace,discipline and justice in the country

A government set up for the good of the people?


What is a Government set up for the good of the people?


What should a good government provide for its people?


How did the Social Contract influence the Declaration of Independence?

The Government shall only do the stuffs that will be good for its people and the people will choose the government and if government is not doing right, people have the right to throw the government.

What services do the US government provide for its people?

All those services which are provided by a good government of any country to its people .

According to Aristotle a good government?

According to Aristotle, a good government is one that seeks the common good and promotes the well-being of all its citizens. He believed that a good government should uphold laws that are just, provide for the basic needs of its people, and allow for the participation of its citizens in decision-making. Aristotle also emphasized the importance of moderation and balance in governance.

What are the good qualities of good government?

One good quality of a good government is a good school system nation-wide. A good government is also one that has good public assistance but not too much where too many people can take advantage of it.

How can people join in the work of the local government?

To be a good citizen