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it has been changed by an amendment

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Q: If a section of the constitution is no longer in use that is nearly always because it has been?
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Is the Illinois constitution longer than the US Constitution?

because Illinois is a state

Why are state constitutions usually longer than the U.S. Constitution?

Because states usually have more detailed responsibilities. APEX

Is the Missouri Constitution much more detailed than the US Constitution?

" The fourth and current Missouri State Constitution is more than eight times longer than our U.S. Constitution and has been amended hundreds of times" <>

What might be the benefit of having a longer constitution as France and China do?

There is less uncertainty because there are more restrictions and information.

The difference between the state of Illinois Constitution and the US Constitution?

One is longer------NEW ANSWER BELOW----US Constitution has seven articles; Illinois has fourteenBill of Rights are located at the end of US Constitution; Bill of Rights located at the start for Illinois Constitution

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Is Georgia's constitution longer than the US?


Which of the following is no longer part of the Constitution?

interstate compromise

Why is clause three of Article IV Section 2 no longer in effect?

Article IV, Section 2, Clause 3 of the U. S. Constitution pertains to the rights of slave owners regarding slaves who escaped to another state. It was therefore rendered moot when slavery was made illegal by the ratification of the 13th Amendment.

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What does it mean to patriate the constitution?

In Canada it meant that we were no longer operating under the English constitution. Our own constitution Okayed by the queen was brought into play.