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The current members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee are: Democrats: * Patrick Leahy, Chairman, Vermont * Herb Kohl, Wisconsin * Dianne Feinstein, California * Russ Feingold, Wisconsin * Chuck Schumer, New York * Dick Durbin, Illinois * Ben Cardin, Maryland * Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island * Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota * Ted Kaufman, Delaware * Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania * Al Franken, Minnesota Republicans: * Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member, Alabama * Orrin Hatch, Utah * Chuck Grassley, Iowa * Jon Kyl, Arizona * Lindsey Graham, South Carolina * John Cornyn, Texas * Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

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Q: Name 5 members of the senate judiciary committee?
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What is the name of the Senate committee that has jurisdiction over the appointment of federal judges?

The Senate Judiciary Committee (formally: "The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary")

Is committee capitalized?

Yes, "Committee" is capitalized when it is a proper noun or part of an official committee name, but not when used generically. For example, "Senate Finance Committee" is capitalized, but "the committee members" is not.

What name is given to a joint House-Senate committee?

Congressional Committees made up of members from both the Senate and the House are called Joint Committees. Some examples of such committees are the Joint Economic Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Name three congressional committees?

Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Senate Committee on Appropriations Senate Committee on Armed Services

What is Elena Kagan's middle name?

According to the questionnaire Kagan recently completed for the Senate Judiciary Committee, she has no middle name. Her full name ("including any former names used") is listed as Elena Kagan.

When was the first Senate Judiciary Hearing held on a US Supreme Court nominee?

The Senate Judiciary Committee was created in 1816, but did not review Supreme Court nominations unless a Senator made a motion to refer the nomination to Committee, which didn't occur until 1828.The first Supreme Court nominee referred to the Committee was John Crittenden, on December 18, 1828. The records don't indicate whether testimony was given or his nomination was simply discussed in conference; however, the Committee recommended the Senate take "no action," and Crittenden's vote was postponed indefinitely.In 1868, Senate rules changed to require all political nominations first be submitted to the appropriate standing committee, except under special circumstances.The first reported record of a judicial nominee's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee was that of George Williams of Oregon. Williams was not present during the two-day, closed hearing held December 16 and 17, 1873. Neither the Committee's vote nor recommendation are in the Senate records; however, Williams' name was withdrawn prior to a vote on the Senate floor.The first public Senate Judiciary hearing was held for Louis Dembitz Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice. Although Brandeis himself did not appear, testimony spanned 19 days -- from February 9 through March 15, 1916, and remains the record for the longest hearing for a Supreme Court nominee.Justice Harlan F. Stone became the first nominee to appear in person at his Senate hearing in January 1925; he was subsequently approved by the Senate.The last Supreme Court justice confirmed without being referred to the Committee was James F. Byrnes, who was presented to the Senate on June 12, 1941 and confirmed by vote the same day.

What is the name of the members of the Senate?

Senator ____

What is the name of one committee on which each Wisconsin US Senator serves?

* Senator Kohl chairs the Special Commitee on aging (he is 74). * Is a member of the Committee on Approrriations. * Is a member on the Committee on the Judiciary and the * Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. * . . . and . . . * Senator Feingold chairs no committees but is a member of the * Committee on the the Judiciary and numerous sub-committees. * Committee om Foreign Relations and several sub-committees.

Why did the US Senate judiciary committee change their mind and approve Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court the second time around?

The question implies Kagan's name was withdrawn at some point, or that a majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against her on the first day of her hearing. This information is false. The Committee takes only one vote, at the conclusion of the nominee's hearing.Kagan was approved by a ballot of 13-6 on the second day of her hearing; there was no prior vote. The nominee's support ran along political lines, as has become the norm in Congress for both Democrats and Republicans. Senator Lindsey Graham, (R - SC) crossed party lines and cast the sole Republican vote.The issue was sent to the full Senate with a Committee recommendation in favor of confirmation. Justice Kagan was confirmed by a vote of 63-37 on August 5, 2010.

Who spoke for the plebeians in the Senate?

The members of the senate that spoke for the Roman Republic were given the name the Tribunes.

What is the name of the document where rules for the senate and members are written?


What was the name of the house of congress that had two members per state?