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First, the expansion of knowledge allows an increasing number of academic disciplines to be used in solving problems associated with the development, production,and distribution of goods and services. Second, satisfying the continuing demand formore complex and customized products and services depends on our ability to make product design an integrated and inherent part of our production and distribution systems. Third, worldwide markets force us to include cultural and environmental differences in our managerial decisions about what, where, when, and how to produce anddistribute output.

The requisite knowledge does not reside in any one individual, no matter how well educated or knowledgeable. Thus, under these conditions, teams are used for making decisions and taking action. This calls for a high level of coordina-tion and cooperation between groups of people not particularly used to such interaction. Largely geared to the mass production of simpler goods, traditionalorganizational structures and management systems are simply not adequate to thetask. Project management is.

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Q: Name the societal forces that have contributed to the need for project management?
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Societal forces that have contributed to the need for project management?

Globalization, rapid technological advancements, increased competition, and complex stakeholder relationships all contribute to the need for project management in today's society. These forces require organizations to deliver projects efficiently, effectively, and within budget to stay competitive and meet stakeholders' demands. Project management provides the structure and framework necessary to navigate these challenges successfully.

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