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secretary of state

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Q: Office to which president Adams appointed Henry Clay?
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Was President William Henry Harrison the first President to die while in office?

Yes ,William Henry Harrison was the first president to die while in office. He died in the White House after catching a cold.

Which other candidate agreed to help Adams become president?

Henry clay.

Who was the president that was accused of the corrupt bargain that stole the election of 1824 from Andrew Jackson?

John Quincy Adams was the benefactor of what Jackson people called the corrupt bargain. In return for his election, he appointed Henry Clay secretary of state.

What argument was used to support the accusation of a corrupt bargain between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay?

The House of Representatives chose the president in early 1825, since no one got a majority of the electoral votes. Henry Clay had won three states: Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio which placed him 4th and removed him from consideration as president. He was speaker of the House and so was influential there. His views seemed closer to Jackson's than to Adams', but his three states all voted for Adams. After Adams won and appointed Clay as his secretary of state, jackson supporters believed that Clay had made a deal, making Adams president in exchange for his becoming secretary of state. In those days, secretary of state was considered to be a stepping stone to the presidency and Clay clearly wanted very much to be president.

Fist president to die in office?

The 9th President of the United States William Henry Harrison was the first to die in office in 1841 only 32 days into his term.

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What was Henry Clay at the time of John Quincy Adams?

Adams appointed him Secretary of State. He had been Speaker of the House.

What presidential candidate helped make John Quincy Adams president by getting his supporters in the House of Representatives to vote for Adams.?

The candidate was Henry Clay . He apparently made a bargain with Adams to be appointed Secretary of State in exchange for his support. The election was in 1824.

What President died in office in his first year?

William Henry Harrison was the first president to die in office. He died after a month in office.

Why did Henry Clay put John Quincy Adams for president if Andrew Jackson should have been president?

Obviously Clay did not think that Jackson should be president. He did not think that Jackson had the kind of experience that a president needed and thought the Adams did. He also wanted to be president himself someday soon and knew that Adams would appoint him to the office of secretary of state, which at that time was the stepping stone to the presidency.

How does Henry Paulson have ties to Obama?

Paulson was appointed to the post of Secretary of the Treasury by President G.W. Bush. When Obama took office, Paulson was replaced by Timothy Geithner.

Who did president John Adams run against?

Henry Crawford

Why did John Adams get picked to be president?

Adams was picked because Henry Clay urged members of the House to vote for Adams.

Who was elected president in February 1825?

John Quincy Adams was elected by the House of Representatives in February, 1825 and so took office on March 4. No one got a majority of the electoral vote, so the House had to make the decision. Henry Clay made his famous "corrupt bargain" as Andrew Jackson's supporters called it and swung his votes to Adams. Clay was soon appointed Secretary-of-State by Adams, which position in those days was a stepping stone to becoming President. Adams actually came in second to Jackson in both popular and electoral votes but still became President.

Who was the first president who died in office?

John Tyler was the vice-president who moved up to President when William Henry Harrison became the first US president to die in office.

True or false president Henry Harrison was the first president to die while in office?

It's William Henry Harrison, and yes, he was the first to die in office.

Is Warren F.Adams related to John Quincy Adams?

You can trace Warren F Adams back to John Adams 1502. John's son Henry Adams 1531 was a direct descendant of John Adams 2nd President and John Q. Adams 6th President.

What was the alleged corrupt bargain between Adams and clay for the presidency in 1824?

The alleged corrupt bargain between Adams and Clay in the 1824 election refers to accusations that Henry Clay, who was eliminated from the election and later appointed as Secretary of State by John Quincy Adams, had made a deal to support Adams in exchange for the position. This led to Adams being elected as president despite not winning the popular vote or an electoral college majority.