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  • They reflect the voice of different sections and classes of the society.
  • they seek to gain public support, for this their actions result in the benifit and welfare of the public only.
  • they are important institution and a crucial part of our society and constitution as their presence marks the formation of a country 's govt. And their actions effect the political metabolism of a country very considerably.....
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Q: Political parties are most visible and important in the?
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Political parties are most visible and important in the which branch of the government?


What is MOST important to generating political movements and creating political messages?

Political Parties

Historically what have been the most important roles of minor parties?

The most important roles of minor political parties has been to give the voters and option outside of the 2 major parties. Minor political parties have altered the outcome of some of elections.

Which is the most visible institution of democracy?

The government is generally considered the most visible institution of democracy. It is responsible for making and enforcing laws, as well as representing the will of the people through elected officials and democratic processes.

What is most important thing political parties look for in candidates?

Someone who shares the party's beliefs.

Why is compromise one of the most important leadership qualities?

The president must work with opposing political parties constantly.

Where do political parties get most of their money?

From the public

What is the most political parties in a country?

The most political parties in a country can vary, but countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany are known to have a high number of political parties due to their proportional representation electoral systems.

Although US political parties focus on winning elections most political parties in other countries also?

All of the above

Are politicial parties mentioned in the us constitution in most of its articles?

No, there is no mention of political parties in the Constitution.

How many parties are in a political party?

It could be any number from zero upwards. Most countries would have at least two major political parties.

Which of the political parties is the most right wing?

the communist Party