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Castles and Estates



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Put these statements in order from earliest to latest to show how the art market and western art have changed throughout history?

-Art was commissioned by the church -Art was commissioned by patrons -Art was approved by royal academies -Art was displayed in galleries

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In the 93 Mark...the flasher relay is located behind the glove box compartment. Hopefully the locations haven't changed throughout the years...

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The Comanche were distributed throughout central and western Texas, western Oklahoma and the south western section of Kansas. The weather through these areas has not changed significantly throughout the time periods in question, so it is generally accepted to be the same as these areas today.

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How has gunpowder changed throughout the years?


How has a stapler changed throughout history?


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Yes. Our DNA has been passed on and changed/modified since the earliest forms of life.

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The Harmonium changed the Indian music.

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not sure lol

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A variable