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no,they have no right to going through peoples stuff

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Yes, they should. Any location that a potentialy dangerous student knows wont be checked becomes a hazard. If there is no such place, then it becomes a strong deterrent.

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Q: Should Teachers check students backpack or locker?
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Someone at school has bad breath and there locker is above mine what should i do?

put a airfreshner in your locker. But my bag fills up my locker! I don't have room for an air freshner! Then i dont no!

If a student does not give consent to a school administrator to search his backpack or locker can the administrator still force the search?


Should locker searches be allowed?

In a perfect world such an invasion of privacy should not be tolerated. The safety of everyone depends on this action in our imperfect world. Locker searches are an invasion of kid's privacy. How are we supposed to know that we are protected and in a safe environment if there are staff that constantly ruffle through our stuff. Students should not constantly be subjected to random invasions of privacy "without due process of law." A compromise- kids can ruffle through there own stuff and search there lockers while staff are there. Kids that do have a good background and that aren't ever associated with drugs and violence should not be randomly searched.

Reasons why you should have locker checks?

i think we should have them because a student could have something dangerous, like a gun. i also think we shouldn't because its personal stuff in there. they should also trust the good people and checked, once ina while, the bad kids. we should check the good kids too.

Why are lockers at school so small?

School lockers are so small because they only need to fit a few books and other supplies into them. Schools also must keep lockers small due to lack of space in their overcrowded buildings. Each school may need hundreds of lockers for students.

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Why should principals do random backpack and locker checks?

principals should do locker and backpack checks to make sure the students don't have drugs or harmful objects there. The students could be selling marijuana or something else bad.

What might you stick your backpack in?


Should lesbian PE teachers be allowed to supervise the girls' locker rooms?

I can see no reason why not. Lesbian or not, they are females so should supervise the female locker rooms. Just as males supervise the male locker room.

Can you have a backpack in Will Rogers Jr High?

Yes. But sometimes you have to keep it in your locker

Should teachers search kids lockers for drugs?

Well, why not I would say they should be checking kids locker for drugs.

If you left something in an open locker and someone took it can you press charges against them for stealing?

if you leave something in an open locker you should expect that someone is going to take it. How can you say they stole it when they probably feel they found it. It wasn't like they took it out of your backpack or out of a locked locker.

What do you put in your backpack for school?

you put it in your locker or just dont bring one

What do put in your backpack for school?

you put it in your locker or just dont bring one

Do teachers give you time to decorate your locker?


Why do schools search students lockers?

well i don't think ''teachers are nosey'' i think that it is there property and it is their right to search students locker if there is a good enough reason. I also think that it is very good that schools search lockers because students may have drugs, alcohol, and weapons....and i also think there needs to be another adult present to verify what they found/saw in the students locker. There should also be a reasonable explanation on why they are checking the students locker...Because teachers are really nosey. They don't have any business in their lockers. I bet they wouldn't like it if people went through their house. A locker's like a house to students but they don't understand that. But they also have to see if they stole anything.Answer-Actually it is not your locker. Which is why thy can inspect it as they see fit. A few of you continuously prove you can't be trusted to do what's right. Drugs, cigarettes, guns are a few of the things that turn up in an inspection.Lockers do not belong to the student. They belong to the school. While I understand this, i think that the individuals who can search student should be limited to headmasters, and principals, because if all teachers could search any students locker, it could end up being a situation of, "this teacher doesn't like this student," and can be embarrassing to the student. I also believe that before a search takes place they need to have some sort of reason to believe that they would find something. I think it is wrong to do random locker searches just because you have a "feeling." But if, for example, a teacher, student, concerned parent, or other adult reports that someone has been seen doing things they shouldn't be doing, then a locker search is allowable. When the locker search is performed, a second adult must be present to verify, as a witness, that anything found in the locker really was in the locker, and that the principal or headmaster didn't attempt to frame the child for a crime he didn't commit.

Should the principal be allowed to search lockers randomly?

I think that schools should not search students lockers because they could have something in their locker that they don't want to have teachers see! Certainly. Students should not bring anything prohibited to school.

Who invented locker?

floribelle del Carmen