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In a perfect world such an invasion of privacy should not be tolerated. The safety of everyone depends on this action in our imperfect world.

Locker searches are an invasion of kid's privacy. How are we supposed to know that we are protected and in a safe environment if there are staff that constantly ruffle through our stuff. Students should not constantly be subjected to random invasions of privacy "without due process of law."

A compromise- kids can ruffle through there own stuff and search there lockers while staff are there. Kids that do have a good background and that aren't ever associated with drugs and violence should not be randomly searched.

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Yes, they should. Those kids who believe smoking (whether it be cigarettes or marijuana) or using any drugs are cool, then they should be taught a lesson by bringing such materials to school.

School lockers are a part of the schools property thus giving them permission to search them. If a child were to bring a weapon into school it would be up to the school to stop this child before any harm is done.

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Well I think locker searches should not be allowed because peoples stuff are in it and they should ask befor they go in and look though it and if they fond something that you don't want them to find and you get into big crap and that's what i think I don't know about you but yea

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Q: Should locker searches be allowed
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Why should you have locker searches in school?

Locker searches in schools can help maintain a safe and secure environment for students. They can deter and prevent the possession and distribution of illegal substances or dangerous items, such as weapons. Locker searches can also help identify and address bullying or other safety concerns.

Why should locker searches be banned from schools?

Invasion of the fourth amendment. Sorry i cant think of anything else.

What are some good persuasive speech topics for grade 6?

If girls and boys should be in separate schools. Yes or no?Uniforms? Allowed or not allowed?Should allowance be allowed for children? Why or why not?Should locker searches be allowed in schools?If electronics should be allowed in school.

What percentage of schools participate in random locker searches?


Do locker searches deter students from having weapons?

Yea, it does.

What percentage of parents don't want locker searches for their children?


Why should they search lockers?

Yes and No. yes because the student might have drugs, weapons,and alcohol. No because the student might be wild, but they may not have any reason to search the students locker. They should be allowed to search their locker with a reason but without a reason they shouldn´t be allowed to search their locker.

Should lesbian PE teachers be allowed to supervise the girls' locker rooms?

I can see no reason why not. Lesbian or not, they are females so should supervise the female locker rooms. Just as males supervise the male locker room.

What percent of locker searches by the police in the US?

There is no specific percentage available regarding the number of locker searches conducted by the police in the US, as it can vary widely depending on jurisdiction and circumstances. The legality and frequency of such searches also differ based on the specific laws and regulations in each state.

What to do if a girl is in the men's locker room?

Never. Females should not be allowed to go into the men's locker room, and vice versa. It is a privacy issue, and schools will only support same-gender locker rooms, not mixed locker rooms. It is a big privacy issue with many males, and is the same if a male were to be allowed to go into a female locker room.

Are cameras allowed in mens locker rooms?

no they are noot it is illegall to have camras in locker rooms

How is locker searches are good to have a safe school?

because then you wont have to worry about some people bringing drugs, guns etc.