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put a airfreshner in your locker. But my bag fills up my locker! I don't have room for an air freshner! Then i dont no!

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Q: Someone at school has bad breath and there locker is above mine what should i do?
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Should locker searches be allowed?

In a perfect world such an invasion of privacy should not be tolerated. The safety of everyone depends on this action in our imperfect world. Locker searches are an invasion of kid's privacy. How are we supposed to know that we are protected and in a safe environment if there are staff that constantly ruffle through our stuff. Students should not constantly be subjected to random invasions of privacy "without due process of law." A compromise- kids can ruffle through there own stuff and search there lockers while staff are there. Kids that do have a good background and that aren't ever associated with drugs and violence should not be randomly searched.

Why are lockers at school so small?

School lockers are so small because they only need to fit a few books and other supplies into them. Schools also must keep lockers small due to lack of space in their overcrowded buildings. Each school may need hundreds of lockers for students.

Should Teachers check students backpack or locker?

no,they have no right to going through peoples stuff

Reasons why you should have locker checks?

i think we should have them because a student could have something dangerous, like a gun. i also think we shouldn't because its personal stuff in there. they should also trust the good people and checked, once ina while, the bad kids. we should check the good kids too.

Should government regulate school lunches?

No. Or at least, not as badly as they are currently doing. If regulation is to be done, it should be done at the school district level rather than as a matter of federal law.

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How do you know where to find your locker at school?

On you locker key you should have a number which will help you no which locker is yours! xxx

What should you do if someone knows your locker combination?

Inform the administration and see if you can get a new locker, or have someone change the combination for you.

Should junior high student be able to go to their locker during school?

Middle school student should be able to go to there locker a certain amount of times during the day. This is so that the student does not have to carry all their books around.

If you left something in an open locker and someone took it can you press charges against them for stealing?

if you leave something in an open locker you should expect that someone is going to take it. How can you say they stole it when they probably feel they found it. It wasn't like they took it out of your backpack or out of a locked locker.

What should you wear at 14 years old?

If your a guy wear boxers for the school locker room

Where do you find the video game guide in poptropica wimpy wonderland?

It is in Gregs's locker. Get into the school. Move your mouse slowly on top of the lockers. one u will be able to click on. In the tree outside of the school U should find a piece of paper. This is the code for Greg's locker. Open the locker and the guide will be in it.

Do you shower naked in the locker room?

You shouldn't be walking around nude in any locker room, be it at a fitness club or at school. However, in the shower area, it should be fine.

How do you find out your locker combination before school starts?

The school should give you the combination when they give you your class schedule.

What do you do when you are done with the locker for riddle school 3?

go onto google and search for 'riddle school 3 walthrough' it should be one of the websites on the first page

Do you get your own locker when your in fifth grade?

It will depend on the school policy. Some schools may assign lockers to fifth graders, while others may reserve lockers for older students. It's best to check with the school administration to find out the specific rules regarding locker assignments for fifth graders.

Can you go to your locker between classes?

If your school allows you then you should. If you dont have enough time, you can take both of your books to your class.

Your mom takes your things away what do you do?

you should tell her to knock it off, or if that doesn't work, just keep them in your locker at school.