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The President & Vice-President are elected by the ballots cast by citizens called electors.

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Q: The President and Vice-President are elected by the ballots cast by citizens called what?
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How is the prsident elected?

The President of the U.S.A is elected through indirect voting. U.S. citizens cast personal ballots for members of the U.S. Electoral College. The Electoral College directly elects the President.

How is the president and vice-president elected now?

They are elected in separate ballots by the same electors.

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Who elected George Washington as president?

The citizens.

Can naturalized us citizens be elected president?


What separated presidential and vice-presidential elections?

The 12th amendment to the Constitution provides for the president and vice-president to be elected in separate ballots. Prior to this amendment the person who finished second in the balloting for president was elected vice-president.

How is the pope elected PowerPoint?

No, the pope is elected with paper ballots.

In a presidential system how is a president chosen?

This person is elected by the citizens.

How is the president of the us selected?

they are elected by the citizens of the united states of America

How is a president chosen in a presidential system government?

This person is elected by the citizens.

When are the president and vice-president officially elected?

The ballots are marked, certified and sent to Washington in care of the president of the Senate on the Monday following the second Wednesday of December following the election in November. On January 6, in a special joint session of Congress, the ballots are opened and officially counted, and the results are announced.

Do the President and the vice president have to be in the same party?

Yes. Since the 12th amendment was ratified, the president and vice-president run as a team and are elected in separate ballots by the electors. The electors chosen are sworn to vote for this team.