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Q: The Senate rarely rejects Presidential Cabinet appointees?
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Who must the senate approve the appointment of?

Presidential appointees

What can the house of representatives do that the senate cannot do?

The senate confirms presidential appointees the HOR cannot do this

Who approves the President's selection for Cabinet positions?

The president appoints cabinet members with senate approval.

The Senate must confirm presidential appointees to office This process allows the Senate to?

"check the executive and judicial branches

Who must approve most Presidential appointments?

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution is referred to as the Appointment Clause. It gives the U.S. Senate the power to approve Presidential appointments.

What part of congress confrims or rejects a cabinet nominee?

The United States Senate

How is the presidents cabinet selected?

Presidential Cabinet members are appointed by the president with approval of the US Senate.

Do the cabinet members that the president appoints need to get approved by the senate?

The President of the United States has the power to negotiate treaties and agreements with other nations, but the Senate must ratify them by a two-thirds vote in order to take effect. This isn't the only way the Senate balances the power of the president. All presidential appointees, including Cabinet members, judicial appointees and ambassadors must be confirmed by the Senate, which can call any nominees to testify before it. Keep in mind the fact that "Congress" does not approve these appointments in the sense that Congress meand both the Senate and House of Representatives. Only the Senate is involved in this process.

Who confirms the presidential appointment of cabinet officers?

the US Senate

Congressional body that must approve presidents cabinet?

The Senate must approve the president's cabinet.

Who confirms cabinet members?

It is not the executive but the legislative branch (the US Senate) that confirms cabinet, judgeship, and other Presidential appointments.

Two unique powers of the senate?

One of the two unique powers of the senate include confirming presidential appointees. The other is the power to impeach a president or federal judge.