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Q: The ruler of the Maurya Empire was?
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What kind of ruler was Chandragupta Maurya considered to be?

He was a great ruler and he also built the Maurya Empire

What was chandragupta the ruler of?

The Maurya empire.

Which Mauryan ruler converted to Buddhism?

Yes, the leader of the Maurya Empire, Ashoka, converted to Buddhism.

What was the largest indian empire?

I believe it was the Maurya Empire. At its height it was the uncontested ruler of the Indian subcontinent... Maurya Empire extended from Burma To Iran and Kashmir to Tamilnadu... All South, South-East, South_West Asia was the part of this Empire.....

How did the mauryan empire expand?

The Maurya Empire was an Iron Age civilization that ruled in India around 300-200 BC. Their original ruler was Chandragupta Maurya who expanded the empire by overthrowing nearby governments and conquering other provinces.

When was Maurya Empire created?

Maurya Empire was created in 321.

Was the Maurya or gupta empire larger?

The Maurya Empire was larger.

What are some famous people from the indus valley?

who are the famous people from the indus valley Ashoka the Great, was a ruler of the Maurya Empire

What was the name of the Empire started by Chandragupta Maurya called?

he lived in the maurya empire

What languages were spoken in the Maurya Empire?

Magadhi Prakrit was the main language of the Maurya Empire.

How did the creation of roads help the Maurya Empire?

Maurya rulers built it to connect the empire

Was Chandragupta maurya good or bad ruler?

Chandragupta Maurya was a good ruler. He was ruler from 322 BC to 298 BC. He died in the year of 298 BC.