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World War 1,2 and on pirate ships! During the American Civil War, cannons were used in many applications. Forts were built to protect the coast and were armed with very large cannons. Ships also carried cannon of large caliber including river boats that could travel the Mississippi and Tennesse Rivers to attack river forts. In the field, smaller cannons were used on carriages. There was also a "mountain howitzer" that could be easily transported by horse. Where were they used? Every battle had cannons. At the Battle of Shiloh in April 1862, the Confederates lined up 66 field guns to fire into the Hornet's Nest---this was the most numerous cannons used in a battle on North America at that time.

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Cannons were first used during the first battle of the war, when the Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter on April 12th 1861. This was what caused Lincoln to declare war. The fort's garrison surrendered on April 14th.

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yes cannons were used by the American side.

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Q: Were cannons used in the Revolutionary War?
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How was the Revolutionary War fought?

The Revolutionary War was fought by the Americans against the British. They used muscats, cannons, swords and lots of guns.

What was the most powerful weapon used the Revolutionary War?

The most powerful weapon used in the Revolutionary War was likely the British Brown Bess musket. It was a standard-issue firearm for British infantry and was known for its reliability and effectiveness in battle. Other notable weapons used during this time included cannons, rifles, and swords.

What weapons did the solders use during the revolutionary war?

Cannons and muskets.

What were your allies during the Revolutionary War?

the patriots or the Americans took fort ticonderoga's cannons and won the revolutionary war so the patriots are our allies

What war was the cannon used in?

IDK only the revolutionary and civil war probably.IMPROVED ANSWER:Large cannons were first used in warfare about 1350. Cannons of this time were first cast of bronze and of wrought iron.Cannons firing heavy balls were used extensively by Union and Confederate forces during the American Civil War.

What side of the Civil War used cannons?

Both sides in the US civil War used cannons.

How are the things used in the revolutionary war different from those used in today's war?

The main difference in warfare is the advancement in technology that we have today. In the revolutionary war, soldiers mostly only had little swords and primative firearms. Today, however, the American military has very high-tech weaponary, and defensive systems. Not to mention, the size of the military has vastly increased.

Where catapults used in the revolution?

It depends on what revolution. If you are talking about the Revolutionary War in 1755, then no. Cannons were created and they caused by far more damage than a catapult.

What weapons were used by the union in the American Civil War?

cannons cannons

What German cannons were used in World War 1?

The Germans used a variety of cannons in WW 1.

What is some advantages the British had during the revolutionary war?

One major advantage they had was that they had more weapons like cannons.

What is the natural resources of Rhode Island colony of 1636?

Water Or iron,they made iron cannons for the Revolutionary War