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Health care, education, security, Immigration. Things like that.

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The government benefits us by providing services that we consume, from things like the education system, the health system, right down to waste disposal by your local council.

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Social security medicare national security

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Q: What are some of the things the government supplies us with?
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How did the civilians raise money for the troops in the US Civil War?

The civilians sold the supplies to the government and the government gave them money for the supplies.

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You would have to specify an issue to see if the US and Greece agree; they agree about some things and disagree about other things.

What are some good things about Canada that US does not have?

"Medicare" -- Universal Government Health Insurance -- is the best thing about Canada.

Why did the US government lie to American soldiers about the effects of the atomic bomb?

i think the government does lie to us, but for good reason. for example, if there was going to be some devastating disease in washington, the government would not want the world to freak out, they work to make sure these things don't happen, and if they do they try to make it to not hurt us in anyway, if they told everything it could leak to enemies to our nation and we would be vurnable, i think some things should be let out to the government but arent. good reason or not, i think we have the right to know some things, like alien sightings and things like that, the world has a right to know!!!!!

How does the government hide things?

The Hide it By Not Telling Us (.-. )

Did Americans support the embargo act?

No they did not. It hurt the government because the US was not getting the supplies they needed from the foreign contries.

Which of these things did the Soviets want from the US in 1972?

Supplies to make up for food shortages An agreement on wheat

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Why has true history been hidden from us?

because the government has things they don't want us to find out about

What kind of government did the Federalist Party want for the US?

A strong Central Government where the government t could control most things that happened.

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Not entirely sure, but I think they received supplies by truck, although the weather would have made it no easy task. The US troops in Bastogne were surrounded, but they received some supplies by parachute after the weather cleared enough for flying.