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There are very few other words or synonyms for commute. These include the words drive and go back and forth.

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Q: What are some other words for commute?
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What are some words start with the prefix com?

-computer -complain-commute-commit-compact-compliance-competition

What are some words that start with the prefix -com?

-computer -complain-commute-commit-compact-compliance-competition

What does long commute mean?

Well, to commute means to travel, or to take transportation. Some college students commute evey day to school. And many workers commute to get to work. So. . .a long commute is traveling a long way to work or school. !

How long is the average daily commute?

There are many different lengths to society's average daily commute. Some people take 5 minutes others take hours to commute.

Why do you commute?

I commute because I can't work from home.

Is commute a noun?

The word commute is both a noun (commute, commutes) and a verb (commute, commutes, commuting, commuted). The noun commute is a singular, common noun; word for an instance of a regular journey; the distance covered in a journey. The noun forms for the verb to commute are commuter, commutableness, commutability, and the gerund, commuting.

How do you make a sentence with the word commute?

I commute to work every morning.

What is the proper age to commute?

There is no wrong awnser in this question, you can commute at any age.

How might roads unite an empire?

The countries that are trying to unite will be able to commute with each other.

What is a sentence with the word commute?

Example sentence - We looked for a house close to our office in order to have a short commute each day.

What Are Some Other Words For Multiplicaton In Math?

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Is it easy to commute around Dallas without a car?

No it is not easy to commute around Dallas