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due to casteism honour killing is becoming more and more powerful...........with proper education the poision of caste system will abolished one day from India.....

CASTE IS a big obstacle in the way of nation's development...................

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Q: What are the causes for honor Killings?
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What has the author Ghulam Hyder Sindhi written?

Ghulam Hyder Sindhi has written: 'Honour killing and the status of woman in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Honor killings 'Honour killing and the status of woman in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Honor killings

What is the belief behind honor killings?

The belief behind honour killings, as found through online research, is that the victim has brought dishonour to the family. These acts are now referred to by some as gender apartheid.

What are honor killings in the middle east?

Honor Killings in the Middle East are not distinct from honor killings in other tribal areas of South Asia and Africa, so there is nothing uniquely Middle Eastern about them. Honor Killings are based on the concept of public shame. Unlike Western society, where people are seen to rise or to fall as individuals, in traditional Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African societies, the family as a whole carries honor and respectability or carries shame and disregard. In the more traditional areas, rape and other sexual crimes are seen to be the fault of the female victim (as opposed to Western culture which properly imposes blame on the assailant). As a result, a female victim of rape brings dishonor and shame on her whole family, just as if she had murdered someone. This same dishonor can also be brough on by other crimes and "crimes". In order for the family to restore honor, one of them must, in turn, murder her and "prove" that their moral uprightness remains strong. As a result, her father or her brothers (and in rare cases, her mother) will kill her to preserve the family honor. Understandably, many NGOs are trying to prevent honor killings and are trying to help women who believe that they are likely to be honor killed. However, there is fierce resistance to these efforts by traditional people, many of whom believe that such killings are mandated by their religion (usually Islam or Hinduism). Often local clerics do not clarify that honor killings actually violate the laws of those religions and are merely traditiional baggage from a foregone era.

Where can one find a list of honor killings?

Honor killings comprise deaths based on social behavior, sexual orientation, and gender. The United Nations keeps estimates on this global issue in which perceived behaviors dishonor families and social or religious groups. Estimates, at best, give a glimpse into this worldwide tragedy.

What are quotes from the quran about honor killings?

An-Nisa (verse number 93) Al-Furqan (verse number 68-69)

Why do people hold contrasting values to honor killing?

The same way the Salem witch hunts in 1695 honored killings of witches.

What are the causes for honor killing in India?

Caste and dignity of individual are main reason of honor killing

What are macabre killings?

Horrible gruesomely graphic killings.

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