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Q: What body governs most villages in the us?
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What body governs most counties in the US?

I think County Council and Your MOmA

Who governs the DMZ?

US troops governs the DMZ

Who is the most famous governor in the US today?

Arnold Schwarzenegger who governs California.

Is there a central body that governs safety regulations for vehicle accessories such as a visor mounted Bluetooth?

In the US, the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA), a part of the US Department of Transportation, governs safety regulations for vehicles and vehicle accessories.

What is the environment profile of the villages in India?

In INDIA there r 92000 villages. Villages in INDIA has much better environment, then that in urban areas. Peoples & their behavior is very simple. The natural vegetation is great in villages, but most of the peoples are very poor in villages & it is shameful to us:(

How many villages are there in the US?

there are 600 villages in Canada

How do you choose who govern us?

I don't kniw

Who governs the military employed in the service of the US?

The commander.

What is the living document or law of the land that governs the US today?

The US Constitution

What was the US military policy that involved destroying Vietnamese villages?

What was the US military policy that involved destroying Vietnamese villages?

What document governs the US elections?

The US Constitution as amended provides the process for electing the President.

What amendment governs the procedures for the election of president of the US?

24th Amendment