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They wanted slave prositutes and slaves to jerk their meat when they don't wanna have sex and sich.

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Q: What caused the British to invade the area near the Orange River?
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In which bodies of water did the British put up navel blockades?

The Ohio River

Can someone tell me about the battle of toms river?

the battle of toms river was a skirmish between 100 british troops and toms river patriots. it happened in 1782 one year after the battle of Yorktown and the british surrender. and one year before the treaty was signed in Paris. the town was burnt to the ground, josh huddy the leader of the patriots was hung without trial by the british. William Franklin, illegitamate son of Ben Franklin, he was the last royally appointed Governer of the colony of NJ, he was kicked out and replaced with William Livingston. W. Franklin was Sent to Connecticut as a prisoner, he was later traded to the british for some of there POW's. Moved to NYC to the british HQ, gave them intelligence on the Town of Toms RIver which was the leading supplier of salt and oil to all 13 conlonies, as a way to gain revenge on the state of NJ The Township of Toms River's records begin in 1783 because all documents proir to that battle were burnt with the town.

Which important Revolutionary War figure crossed the Delaware River to defeat the British troops at the Battle of Trenton?

George Washington

What river separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

Delaware RiverThat would be the Delaware River. George Washington crossed this river on Christmas Day, 1776 with 2400 men to attack the hung over Hessian troops, led by the British. Smart man attacking them while they are drunk out of their minds...

What was the proclammation of 1763?

The Proclamation of 1763 was made by King George III after the French and Indian (Seven Years) War, saying that British colonists could not occupy/colonise the area in between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains that the British acquired from the French.

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What placed caused conflict for the British French and Native Americans?

Ohio River valley

What place or region caused conflict for the British French and Native Americans?

Ohio River Valley

What country is the river orange in?

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa.

When was Orange River Colony created?

Orange River Sovereignty was created in 1848.

How much pollution in the orange river?

the Vaal river is connected to the Orange River and the Orange River itslef isnt polluted, but since the Vaal River has acidic water, the Orange River will be polluted.

Which river brought diamonds to the Namib Desert?

The orange river.

How long is the Orange river in miles?

The Orange River is not in miles, but in South Africa.

When did Orange River Colony end?

Orange River Colony ended in 1910.

When did Orange River Sovereignty end?

Orange River Sovereignty ended in 1854.

What river flows from mountains in Southern Africa through Egypt and into the sea?

Orange River

Why is the Betsiboka river orange?

Due to the sediment within the river. this sediment causes the river to appear orange/reddish

Where is the river orange?

The Orange river is located in Lesotho, South Africa and Namibia.