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Q: What conclusion can be drawn about the Assyrian empire The Assyrians were the first civilization to start using iron weapons instead of bronze weapons for war. The Assyrians were not very culturally a?
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What were the weapons and equipment used by the assyrian empire?

they used iron

Who was tudiya?

Tudiya is the first in the genealogical line of the Aššur who in turn trace their lineage to nomadic Amorites. He is followed by Adamu, Yangi, and Kitlamu all the way until the last known Assyrian King Aššur-uballit II who lived from 612 to 609 BCE.

Where did the armeans come from?

Armeans are from Ancient (Back when Psalms were written)Northwest Mesopotamia and central Syria area as such. Today that ancient territory is part of several nations; Assyria remained a ..... The Ottomans secured their control over Mesopotamia and Syria in the 16th century. ... based Assyrian people in countries such as Syria, Iran and Iraq

What race are the samaritans?

The southern kingdom of Judah was exiled to Babylon in 583 BC. The Babylonian king left some poorer Jews behind to till the ground. 70 years later, some of the Jews from Babylon returned to Judah. They found that the Jews had intermarried with some Philistines, one of Israel and Judah's most noted enemies in the Bible. These Jews were despised. The Jews weren't supposed to marry outside of their twelve tribes. This hatred of the Samaritans lasted centuries. When Jesus found the woman at the well, she was a Samaritan. Jesus shouldn't have been talking to a woman, let alone a Jew. In fact, when Jews had to travel from Jerusalem to Galilee, the shortest way was through Samaria. But they would take the long way around so as not to pass through. The Samaritans were despised by the Jews as dogs, half-Jews and half-Samaritans. They were known as half breeds.

What did nebuchadnezzar accomplish?

Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of the Chaldeans (from 624-582BCE), made Babylon a city of wonders. he built beautiful structures. Examples are the Ishtar Gate, made of glazed bricks, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.It was also during the rule of Nebuchadnezzar when the Chaldeans conquered the Jews. In a long siege, the Chaldeans captured Jerusalem and sent thousands of Jews as slaves in Babylon. This event came to be known in history as the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews. The Jews never denounced their belief and their religion in spite of their bitter experience under Babylonian rule.--------Biblically, Nebuchadnezzar conquered the Egyptians during the 21st year of his reign(Jeremiah 46:2), as mentioned above, conquered Judah (2 Kings 24:11-17 / 2 Chronicles 36:5-10)and for seven years, God made him go crazy and 'eat vegetation like a bull' because of his haughtiness (Daniel 4:31-33).