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She was arrested on December 1st, 1955 for refusing to stand up on the orders of a bus driver. she refused to get up 6:06 pm but she was not arrested then.

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She refused to move to the back of a bus for a white person

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Q: What did Rosa Parks do to get arrested?
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When did Rosa Parks get arrested?

Rosa Parks got arrested on December 1, 1955.

Where was Rosa parks going when she got arrested?

Rosa Parks was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama.

Who were the seven people that got arrested along with Rosa Parks?

On the 1 December 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving her seat to a white man. Only Rosa Parks was arrested.

Who arrested Rosa parks?

she was arrested by F.B.Day and D.W.Mixon

Where is the bus Rosa Parks got arrested on?

what doent make sense did you mean did Rosa parks get arrested on a bus? or that she did get arrested by sitting in the front of a bus where ususally the white people sat and she refused to move so she got arrested

How many times did Rosa parks go to jail and why?

91 times

What year Rosa parks was arrested?

Rosa Parks was arrested December first 1955 for noot giving her seat to a white person.She did what was right.

What was Rosa parks called she was arrested?


What town was Rosa Parks arrested in?

The street of Dustin Alonzo and Isaiah. Not Dora

Was Rosa Parks pregnant on the bus in Montgomery?

No. Rosa Parks was not pregnant when she was arrested on the Montgomery city bus.

When did Martin Luther King Jr start the civil rights movement?

December5th 1955 when Rosa Parks was arrested

Why did Rosa parks get arrested for seat refusal?

because she had refused to give up her seat to a white person, that is why rosa parks got arrested for seat refusal.