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A shorter sea route to Asia...

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To identify the lands where spices grew.

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Q: What did the europeans hope to gain by finding a sea route to asia?
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What did europeans hope to gain by finding a sea route to Asia?

A shorter sea route to Asia...

Why were Europeans looking for a new trade route to Asia?

Asia's good can't get to he europeans because of the Muslims so they have to look for a route that they can trade with the Asia directly. if they can find that route then they wont hav o deal with the Muslims.The Christian Europeans did no like the situation, since region and politics. The Europeans wanted a sea route to Asia because of trade.

How did European imperialism in Africa and Asia differ from one another?

Europeans sought economic gain from natural resources in Africa and consumer markets in Asia.

Why did the europeans want to travel and trade?

To gain food, spices, and silk from Asia. Also they knew people would pay more money for things from Asia

What was a common feature of European imperialism in both Africa and Asia?

In both areas, Europeans were mainly seeking economic gain for markets in their homeland.

Why were Europeans so much more successful in establishing territorial empires in the Americas then in Africa and Asia?

The Europeans were more advanted technology wise than Africa and Asia. During this time, the Europeans were coming to Africa and capturing people and using them as slaves. Europe had modevations: 1. Spread Religion 2. Find new trade routes 3. Gain more land These were great incentives for the Europeans. Hope this helps!

Why did explorers search for the water route to Asia?

After Marco Polo returned from China and introduced Europe to the spices, silks, and perfumes people wanted these items and more. The Silk Road was a dangerous long route so a water route would be a good thing. The person or country who found a passage to Asia would gain in wealth.

What inspired Europeans to explore foreign lands in the beginning 1400's?

Europeans began exploring foreign lands looking for more trade routes to Asia and Africa. They wanted to trade more to acquire wealth and power and were also looking to establish more colonies to gain power and wealth and to spread ideas, religion, and social-Darwinism.

Why did Africans want independence from Europeans powers?

The Europeans exploited Africa's land and people.

When did the Europeans gain control on the Constantinople?

in 1453

What is the last colony in Asia to gain independence?

East Timor is the last colony in Asia to gain independence.

Columbus and other early explorers searched for a direct all-water route to Asia because they?

hoped to gain easier access to highly valued Asian goods.