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The religious right in the US objected to the evolution being taught in schools and sexual education being taught to children. To try and change things the religious right capitalized on the media by making headlines and putting out print ads.

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Q: What did the religious right object to in US culture and politics and what steps did it take to try to try to change things?
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Why did the religious rights object to several trends in us culture and politics?

The Religious Right object to trends that include the inclusion of gay and lesbian rights. They consider it to be wrong and their campaign is built on supposedly traditional family values.

Why did the Religious Right object to several trends in U.S culture and what stepps did it take to try to change things?

The Religious Right objected to trends like feminism, LGBTQ rights, and secularism due to conflicting values with their religious beliefs. To try to change things, they mobilized politically, formed alliances with conservative groups, and advocated for legislation that aligned with their traditional beliefs, such as anti-abortion laws and supporting conservative candidates for office.

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