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Did you mean FBI?

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Q: What does FOB stand for in law enforcement?
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How much does someone make in Law enforcement?

Law enforcement officers make around 100,000+ in a yearly salery.

What federal law enforcement agencies does not operate under the Department of the Treasury?

the answer is the (DEA)

How many states have stand your ground law?

There are 34 states in the Unted States that have a stand-your-ground law. Of those 34 states, Iowa, Virginia, and Washington have their own version of the stand-your-ground law.

What department in the law enforcement needs the most people?

border security is always hiring

How does the president enforce the laws?

The president enforces laws through the creation of law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and even the local sheriff's department. And it may seem circular, but he uses other laws to enforce laws, and puts a "fitting" punishment to each law if broken. Actually, NO, the President cannot create any law enforcement divisions or any other such institution. It is up to Congress to create any department, and to specify which duties fall under that department's purview. It is also up to Congress to fund that department's activities. The President is responsible to see that the various law enforcement departments run smoothly. The department heads report to the President, and the President can direct those departments to concentrate on or relax enforcement of various laws (or areas of law). He is responsible (like the CEO of a large business) to see that everything is running smoothly. Federal law enforcement officials act like any other law enforcement official. They have jurisdiction in their particular area of law (that is, the area that Congress has decided that department should be responsible for), and can arrest anyone anywhere the US has sovereignty.

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What does fob stand for with anti theft devices?

In procurement and contract law FOB is free on board, i.e. no charges for getting to point of export

What does M O stand for in law enforcement?

modus operandi

What does ILEAS stand for?

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

What does dsi stand for in law enforcement?

District Senior Inspector

What does POST stand for in law enforcement?

Peace Officer Standards and Training

What do the letters fob stand for in key fob?

Free On Board (FOB)

In law enforcement what do the intinals DWLSR stand for?

Driving While License Suspended/Revoked

What does fob in key fob stand for?

Fob stands for Fresh Of The Boat. FOB is a term for a new person in the country that stands out

What does the acronym AAPLE stand for?

American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement. Formed in 1974, this organisation provides a forum for active and retired police and law enforcement personnel to discuss and converse about their occupation and issues pursuant to it.

What does Noose stand for on GTA IV?

In Grand Theft Auto IV N.O.O.S.E. is an acronym for National Office of Security Enforcement. They are a type of law enforcement encountered in the game.

What does IA stand for in law enforcement?

IA typically stands for "Internal Affairs" in law enforcement. This department is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct or illegal activities involving police officers within a department.

What does Leo stand for?

usually Law Enforcement Officer but I've also seen Low Earth Orbit - Eric