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Law enforcement officers make around 100,000+ in a yearly salery.

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Q: How much does someone make in Law enforcement?
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What federal law enforcement agencies does not operate under the Department of the Treasury?

the answer is the (DEA)

What does FOB stand for in law enforcement?

Did you mean FBI?

What department in the law enforcement needs the most people?

border security is always hiring

How does the president enforce the laws?

The president enforces laws through the creation of law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and even the local sheriff's department. And it may seem circular, but he uses other laws to enforce laws, and puts a "fitting" punishment to each law if broken. Actually, NO, the President cannot create any law enforcement divisions or any other such institution. It is up to Congress to create any department, and to specify which duties fall under that department's purview. It is also up to Congress to fund that department's activities. The President is responsible to see that the various law enforcement departments run smoothly. The department heads report to the President, and the President can direct those departments to concentrate on or relax enforcement of various laws (or areas of law). He is responsible (like the CEO of a large business) to see that everything is running smoothly. Federal law enforcement officials act like any other law enforcement official. They have jurisdiction in their particular area of law (that is, the area that Congress has decided that department should be responsible for), and can arrest anyone anywhere the US has sovereignty.

Which government official is the commander of state law enforcement agencies?

State Attorney General, I believe.

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How do you get the attention of law enforcement when someone is defrauding to collect money from you?

Defrauding you HOW and by WHAT method? You make a police report of the incident providing as much information and proof that you can.

How much does FBI gross?

The FBI is a law enforcement agency, it is not in business to make money.

Is a fugitive someone avoiding being arrested by law enforcement?

Yes. It is someone 'running from the law'.

If someone is a illegal what do you have to do?

Notify your local law enforcement agency, and/or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

How much does a law enforcement officer make?

Average from €24,000 entry > increments 68k + per annum

Can a us marshal arrest someone without law enforcement escort?

YesAdded: U.S. Marshalls ARE law enforcement officers and have jurisdiction ANYWHERE in the US, its territories and possessions.

Why do federal law enforcement job have an age cutoff of 37?

Basically, law enforcement (much like military service) is a young person's job. A minumum of 25 years of government service would make the normal age of a retiring federal law enforcement officer sixty-two years of age, and it has much to do with actuarial tables on longevity, health statistics and the cost of medical and retirement payments.

What is the Magical Law Enforcement Squad?

The magical Law Enforcement Squad are the people who make sure you dont use your magic for purposes that are not in the welfare for the wizarding community.

What theory related to law enforcement?

The broken windows theory suggests that addressing minor signs of disorder, such as littering or vandalism, can prevent more serious crimes from occurring in a community. This theory has influenced policing strategies focused on community policing and proactive enforcement.

How does someone become part of the executive branch?

The easiest way is to join a law enforcement agency.

Be a cop in Texas with a felony?

No. Law enforcement will not employ someone with a felony background - even if it is expunged.

Where was the law enforcement when prohibition took place?

Law enforcement was hampered by the widespread corruption of law enforcement officers and other public officials.