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A period of time before people of Spain invaded a country (e.g. Pre - Hispanic Mexico - before Spaniards arrived in Mexico.

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Q: What does pre-hispanic mean?
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Why did the Mayans make junky calendars?

The mayans like most prehispanic cultures used the calender to know when to plant the corn, when the next eclipse will come and so on.

What is a balanghai?

A balanghai is a large boat used by Malay settlers of the Philippines in prehispanic times, around 18 metres in height, which would be large enough to carry a large family.

What has the author Robert D Drennan written?

Robert D. Drennan has written: 'Statistics for archaeologists' -- subject(s): Statistical methods, Archaeology 'Prehispanic Chiefdoms in the Valle De LA Plata'

What is the enthnicity's of Chile?

Mapuches, Aimaras, and other prehispanic tribes

What has the author Nicholas Carter Johnson written?

Nicholas Carter Johnson has written: 'The format of the prehispanic Mixtec historical screenfold manuscripts' -- subject(s): Manuscripts, Mixtec, Mixtec Indians, Mixtec Manuscripts, Mixtec language, Writing

What has the author Bradley E Ensor written?

Bradley E. Ensor has written: 'Crafting prehispanic Maya kinship' -- subject(s): Marriage customs and rites, Kinship, Mayas, History, Social archaeology, Social groups, Antiquities

What are the three historical eras of Mexico?

The Prehispanic Era (3000 BC - 1521 AD), when Mexico was settled by ancient advanced cultures such as Mayans and Aztecs.The Colonial Era (1521 - 1821), when Mexico became an overseas colony of the Spanish Empire.The Independent Mexico (1821 - present), after Mexico's independence from Spain.

What is Black Nazarene?

The Black Nazarene is a 400 year old wooden statue of Jesus carrying the cross. During WWII, the church that the statue was in burned down and the statue survived, During the fire it turned black. people thought of it as a miracle.

What has the author Peter T Furst written?

Peter T. Furst has written: 'L' Art Precolombien Du Mexique (Collection Aspects De L'art)' 'The parching of the maize' -- subject(s): Huichol Indians, Rites and ceremonies 'West Mexican tomb sculpture as evidence for shamanism in prehispanic Mesoamerica' -- subject(s): Indians of Mexico, Funeral customs and rites, Indian sculpture, Religion, Shamanism, Antiquities, Shamanism in art 'Rock Crystals & Peyote Dreams'

What country does avacados come from?

According to prehispanic history, Lord Quetzalcoatl gave the recipe of ahuacamolli to the Toltec people (900-1100 AD) and from there, it spread to the rest of Mesoamerica, becoming a common dish to cultures such as Aztec or Maya. As both civilizations are native of Mexico, guacamole is considered a traditional Mexican dish.

What is the name of the Aztec's writing system?

'Aztec writing' or 'Aztec hieroglyphics' is the name given to the Prehispanic writing system that was used during the period of the Aztec Empire (1431-1521). It is a term also often used for the continuation of this system as used in the first century of Spanish colonial rule in Central Mexico by indigenous scribes, although in both cases 'Nahuatl writing' is a more appropriate term given the fact that the system was used beyond the borders and time-frame of the Aztec Empire.

Why is Mexican culture so rich and very lively?

Because Mexico is a mix of three cultures:The Prehispanic culture, when Mexico's territory was home to native American civilizations that lived there from 3000 BC until the 15th century. Of special importance are the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.The Spanish culture, brought by Spanish conquistador until Mexican independence on the 19th century. Such culture includes the language, religion and many western traditions.The Mexican culture, which includes all traditions specific to Mexico after its independence.