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Uncontitutional means that if the judge in a court house believes that someone did the wrong thing, but The Bill of Right doesn't say it then the new law the judge makes is Uncontitutional.

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Q: What does uncontitutional mean?
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What is the purpose of judial review?

It has the power to overturn laws that are uncontitutional.

What does currency allow congress to do?

court can pass by congress to be uncontitutional

Does the executive branch has no authority to say laws are unconstitutional?

yes. only the judicial can declare a law uncontitutional.

Who was the American lawyer that these taxes were uncontitutional?

The American lawyer who stated theses taxes are unconstitutional was the lawyer for Charles Pollock. His name is not mentioned.

What law says firing people because they are old in uncontitutional?

The Age Discrimination Act <><><> The ADEA= Age Discrimination in Employment Act. It is not unconstitutional- it IS illegal. See the link at the bottom of the page.

What three factors are found in the system of checks and balances?

1. The president can veto legislation passed by congress; 2. Congress has the power to impeach the president for misconduct; 3. The Supreme Court may declare laws uncontitutional.

Who was the American lawyer that states that these taxes were uncontitutional?

Many American lawyers have spoken on the topics of taxes. In order to know which American lawyer stated specific taxes were unconstitutional one would need to know which taxes are being referred to.

What deemed the Alien and Sedition Acts uncontitutional and supported the idea that state governments could challenge the federal government?

The Alien and Sedition Acts were never deemed to be unconstitutional. Three of the four acts were repealed by the Democratic-Republican Party after Thomas Jefferson became President. The fourth act, the Alien Enemies Act, remains in force today although it was revised and codified in 1918.

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