What does yore mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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time long past

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Q: What does yore mean?
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What does this phase mean as for yore?

"Yore" typically refers to a long time ago, in the past. So, the phrase "as for yore" could be suggesting that something is similar to how it was in the past.

What is the Market place of yore?

Market Place of Yore : "Agora" .

How could you use yore in a sentence?

In times of yore, I learned this lore.

When was Songs of Yore created?

Songs of Yore was created on 2008-06-18.

Who is giants hero of yore?

Mel Ott is the NY Giants "hero of yore"

Why has women lost their respect in these days compare to the days of the yore?

You mean when women couldn't vote?

How do you use yore in a sentence?

Yore, essentially, means a long time past. An example sentence would be: That isn't the way things were done in the days of yore.

How would you use the word yore in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.In days of yore, knights in armor protected the land.That happened long ago, in days of yore.

What rhymes with yore?


What is a homonym for yore?

you're your

What actors and actresses appeared in As in the Days of Yore - 1917?

The cast of As in the Days of Yore - 1917 includes: Bob Reed as Caveman

What is a good sentence for yore?