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freedom of religion taxes and oppressive government

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Q: What goals did the colonists have in waging the Revolutionary War and how did these goals shape their emergent political system?
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What is the name of the political system for Ethiopia?

revolutionary democracy

What were the features of a new political system after the revolutionary war?

they killed everyone

What is revolutionary theory?

Revolutionary theory refers to a theory that has to do with complete or marked change of something. It can be an overthrow of a government, political system or any other system.

What is a property is a characteristic of a system that does not appear in any of its component part?

The answer is an emergent property. Emergent

Is there a root system in the emergent layer?


What is an emergent property?

An emergent property is any property of a system that was not deliberately designed into the system but that emerges due to the operation and interaction of those properties that were deliberately designed in. An emergent property is unanticipated and unexpected. It may be either desirable or undesirable in the system. In general an emergent property is a complex property that a system has that cannot be directly explained by the sum of the simple properties of the system's components. It emerges from subtle interactions of those components in sufficiently complex system having very large numbers of simple components.

Are characteristics of an entire system that are greater than the sum of its parts?

emergent properties

What does massive revolution mean?

Revolution means to completely and forcibly overturn and replace an established government or political system by the people governed. A massive revolutionary would be on a global scale.

The Encomienda system required spanish colonists to do what?

The Encomienda system required Spanish colonists to care for the native people.

What kind of political system does Poland have?

they are polish.. they dont have a political system they have a republic political system, actually

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What the Economic system v. political system

What are effects of political dynasty in the Philippines?

Political dynasty in the Philippines first started with the Spanish colonists. This system of oligarchy is considered by some to be the cause of corruption within their government.