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what is a judge's personal assistant called

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Q: What is a judges personal assistant in court called?
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What level of the federal court system are the judges called justices?

Federal judges on the US Supreme Court are called justices.

Do judges work with other people?

Yes, they usually have a secretary/assistant, and they work with other judges of the same court, and alomost daily with attorneys and other court staff (clerks - bailiffs - etc).

What is an appeal court judge called?

They're just called judges, or sometimes appellate judges. The Appeals Court is made up of one Chief Judge and six associate judges.

What kind of judges does the supreme court have?

They are called supreme court justice

Who nominates judges to supreme court?

The President appoints Justices (they aren't called judges, if you wish to be precise) for the Supreme Court.

What is the process of apointement of all the judges of High Court?

The process in which judges are appointed to High Court is called The Appointments Clause in the Constitution.

An appellate court hearing where all of the judges on the court consider the case as opposed to a panel of three judges is called?

En banc

What courts are there nineteen judges to hear cases?

The Supreme Court of the United States has nine judges, called justices.

What is the title of the remaining eight judges on the Supreme Court?

The eight remaining judges on the United States Supreme Court are called Associate Justices.

What A Group of Magistrates Called?

Midnight Judges

What is a court made up of non-military judges?

A court made up on non-military judges is often called a tribunal. Federal judiciary courts are often called an apex.

What is a judge that sits on Supreme Court bench called?

Judges on the Supreme Court are known as justices.