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Q: What is a official announcement called?
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What is an official announcement to the public called?

It is called a public service message, I believe.

When the president makes an official announcement to congress annually on the affairs of the US the president is preforming the what?

This annual announcement or speech is called "The state of the union address,"

What will the new iphone be called at spring 2015?

There has not been any official announcement from Apple as to what a new iPhone will be called in 2015.

What is the title of the sixth Maximum Ride book?

The sixth book is going to be called "Fang". Check out this link to see an official announcement from James Patterson;

What is the announcement of the Gospel to the world called?

The announcement of the Gospel to the world is called The Good News.

A government official makes an announcement during what?

news briefing

What is a good sentence for official?

The official announcement of the new policy will be made tomorrow.

When will the new World of Warcraft game come out?

World of Warcraft as the online game is currently at its third expansion, called Cataclysm. There is no official announcement on what or when the next expansion will come out.

What are papal bulls?

A Papal bull is an announcement made by the Pope. A Papal bull is an announcement made by the Pope.

Is the fallout 4 trailer fake?

Yes it is. There has been no official announcement by Bethesda at this time.

What was the official date the announcement came out that the recession was over?

The day after obama took office.

Is there a Spanglish 2?

As of now, there is no official confirmation or announcement regarding a sequel to the movie "Spanglish."