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A super economy is one that shields itself with reserve capital (Natural Resources to reserve military) while at the same time keeping taxes nice and high to shield itself from hyperinflation.

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Q: What is an super economy country?
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How does economy affect worldview?

the economy are super super SUPER important to the worldview. The good or bad economy will affect the agriculture of the country, the resouces of the country, the values and the society of the country; and that will all affect what travellers think about the country; there for it will also change what the other countries think about this country. In conclusion that all of the above will change the worldview.

What is the exact English word for vallarasu naadu?

I think the answer is "Super Economy country".Please give the correct if am wrong.

What is they current status PDS in India?

India is currently ,predicted ,2nd in line of becoming a super power country,its economy

Where is China's economy headed?

super power

How large is the economy of japan?

super large

Are salesman really indispensable in country's economy?

Salesmen are not really indispensible in the country's economy.

What is the largest country with the largest economy?

The country with the largest economy in the world is to the United States, which is the third largest by area and by population. However, the largest country in the world, Russia, has the 9th largest economy out of any country. The most populated country in the world, China, has the 2nd largest economy out of any country.

Economy of usa a developing country?

It has a Market Economy

What country uses a traditional system of economy?

The country that uses the traditional economy system is Cuba

What did Jp Morgan invent?

The American Super-Economy.

Suggest the country that practises command economy?

suggest the country that practices Command Economy and elaborate on its implementations?

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