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black hole in hall black green green orange yellow white

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Q: What is conable saying about the way bills become laws?
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What bills might become?

The Answer To This Answer Is "Laws"

What bills might become unconstitutional?


What branch will write bills that become laws?


What are the three ways in which bills may become laws?


What happen to most bills that do not become laws?

They die in committee

What is the terms of power does the executive branch?

sign bills to become laws to veto bills create army

Who Passes bills they hope will become laws?

Both the Senate and the House

Which branch of Congress passes bills to become laws?

us senate

What can congress do?

Write, Debate, and pass bills that eventually become laws

Who sigh the bills to became a law.?

Answer The person who signs bills to become laws is the president.He will either sign or he will veto(reject).

What laws does the congress make in the US?

The U.S. Congress passes bills that become Federal Laws when the U.S. President signs them (although there are cases in which Congress can make a bill into a law without the President's approval), and each state Congress passes bills that become state laws when the Governor of the state signs them.

Does legislative branch decide if laws are constitution?

The legislative branch comes up with bills(ideas that they hope to become laws) The executive branch approves the bills and the Judicial branch decides if they are constitutional.