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Q: What is presidential speech called that the president gives every January?
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What is the speech that the president gives when he becomes president called?

This is called the Inaugural Address, and historically has set the tone for the policies of the individual president.

What part of speech is presidential?

The word presidential is an adjective. It means pertaining to a president.

What is the name of the speech given by the president to congress in January?

This is called the state of the union address or message.

Name the type of speech given by President Elect Barack Obama when he was announced the winner of the Presidential Election?

victory speech

The president had the longest inaugural speech and the shorest presidential term?

William Henry Harrison

Who will give speech in redfort on 26th January either pm or president?

President of India

What month does the president give The State Of The Union speech to congress?

he gave it on January the president was brack Obama

What is the speech called when a presidential candidate loses?

Losers usually make a concession speech, conceding defeat by the other candidate.

What was the name of President Wilsons speech to the congress?

President Woodrow Wilson's speech to congress was called "Fouteen Points".

The new president makes a speech after the inauguration ceremony what is the speech called?

the inaugural address.

In January 1918 President Wilson gave a speech to Congress in which he described?

January 8, 1918 was the date of Wilson's famous Fourteen Points Speech which outlined his plan for world peace.

What is the name of the speech that the president gives in January of each year?

state of the union address