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court reporter - types every important conversation in the court, including conversations between judge and advocates on both sides, jury questions and answers, and the conversations by the involved parties.

stenographer - don't really exist anymore; personal assistant may assume this position; use short-hand to take down notes dictated by the superior, like a CEO, or bank manager, or superior. Then they type down the notes taken and given rough drafts for correction and then finally give the final report of dictation.

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Q: What is the Difference between a court reporter and a stenographer?
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What is the abbreviation for Supreme Court Reporter?

S.Ct. (without a space between S. & Ct.) is the abbreviation for Supreme Court Reporter. U.S. is the abbreviation for United States Reports, the bound volumes where Supreme Court opinions are published.

The court which hears and settles disputes between custom officials and importers is the?

Customs Court

Difference between directive principles of state policy and the fundamental rights?

Fundamental rights are justiciable where as directive principles are not justiciable. The provision of directive priciple thus cannot be enforced in court of law.

What is the court between district and Supreme Court?

The hierarchy of federal courts is District Court, Court of Appeals, US Supreme Court. So, the Court of Appeals is the answer. At least if your quest is only specifying the federal judiciary.

What is the difference between a county supreme court and a regular county court?

(in the US) There is no such distinction. There are only STATE Supreme Courts (one per state) and the U.S. Supreme Court. EXCEPT in New York State, where each county outside of New York City has both a County Court and a Supreme Court (and also a Family Court and a Surrogate's Court). In most counties, the Supreme Court hears civil cases and the County Court hears civil cases, but this can vary a bit by county. See the related links for more info. While in most states the state Supreme Court is the highest state court and hears appeals from lower courts such as County Courts, the highest state court in New York is called the Court of Appeals.

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What is another title for stenographer?

Court Reporter

What do you call a person who types what happens in the court room?

The court reporter types out the transcript of the trial.

Who records dispositions for attorneys?

It is usually a court reporter or a stenographer.

Who creates a record of all that occurs during the trail?

Court reporter/stenographer

What do you call someone who takes notes at meetings?

A stenographer or court reporter

What is the American name for shorthand typist?

The American term for shorthand typist is typically referred to as a stenographer or court reporter.

What is the name of the person that writes everything down in a court session?

The person who writes everything down in a court session is called a court reporter or a stenographer. Their job is to create a verbatim record of everything that is said during the proceedings using a stenotype machine or other recording equipment.

What is the term for the person that records the proceedings during a deposition?

As far as I have found, the term is "court reporter." Stenographer is what they are normally referred to in a deposition. They are usually qualified to serve as a court reporter, but work outside the court.

how much does it cost for court reporter training?

To become a court reporter, you have to be trained as stenographer. The costs of stenography training varies. Try looking at your local community colleges for training prices.

What keeps an account of what goes on at trial?

Known by several different titles according to the judicial system (e.g.: Court Recorder, Court Reporter, Court Stenographer - etc). .

Who creates a record of all that occurs during a trial?

A court reporter, also known as a stenographer, creates a record of all that occurs during a trial by transcribing spoken words into written form using a stenotype machine or voice-writing technology. This record is important for appeals, legal documentation, and ensuring an accurate account of the proceedings.

What do you call a person who makes a word for word record of what is said in a court?

This person is called a "stenographer". They're skilled in the use of shorthand and typing, and are generally employed to take and transcribe dictation or a testimony.