What is the best built trawler?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I like the nordhavn fleet hands down if you want seaworthness and a total package that will hold it's value fairly well compared to many these days. Grand banks is likewise good, so many are fantastic boats that is simply and impossible question to answer with so little requested.. Best built for what? Just actual initial build quality? I'd still give that to Nordhavn theyll do anything you'd like within reason in the interiors if the fundings there.

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Q: What is the best built trawler?
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1. A trawler is called a trawler because it sounds like something is getting pulld up. 2. A trawl is a fishing large net, with the bottpom edge weighted so it drags (trawls) along the sea bed. The ship that pulls it is a trawler

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