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281 delegates

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Q: What is the democratic delegate count for NY?
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How many delegates does each state get for the Democratic Party convention in 2008?

You can see a map of the democratic delegates by state at

Delegate slots to the Democratic National Convention that are reserved for elected party officials are called?


The territorial delegate and later senator from Arkansas who assumed leadership over the Democratic faction in Arkansas was?

Robert Crittenden

Do all parties have superdelegates?

In American politics, a superdelegate is someone who's automatically chosen as a delegate to the Democratic or Republican national conventions. Minor parties don't have such conventions, and therefore, superdelegates are generally only Democratic or Republican.

What president defeated the democratic governor of ny?

Herbert Hoover defeated the Democrat, Gov. Al Smith of NY in 1928. (There may be other examples.)

What are the importance of delegate?

what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management

When and where was baseball player Count Gedney born?

Count Gedney was born May 6, 1849, in New York, NY, USA.

What is the current delegate status for the Democratic race?

see attached site see attached site

How are super delegates picked? starters, Super delegates are current and former leaders in the Democratic Party with voting power, existing only in the Democratic Party. They are not to be confused with the regular delegate count, referred to as pledged delegates, delegates which are apportioned by statewide votes acquired by a candidate, with approximately 25% of the delegates awarded in this manner. The rest are meted out by sub divisions, mostly through congressional districts.This year, after the tally, there are 796 Super delegatesthat will be involved in the process at the 2008 Democratic Convention. Their votes will become crucial if there isn't a clear indicator of a Democratic nominee after all of the Presidential primaries.

Why are alternate delegate needed at conventions?

Because any delegate that does not show up at the convention is removed and their delegate slot is given to an alternate delegate.

What is the noun form of delegate?

The personal noun form of delegate is also delegate (a delegate). The noun for the process of delegating, or a group of delegates, is delegation.

Who are the delegates What do you mean by democrat or republican delegate?

Delegates are representatives chosen by state political parties, who attend political conventions. A Democratic or Republican delegate is a representative of his or her state political party, who convenes with fellow delegates at the party's political convention to select a political candidate who will represent the party in upcoming elections.