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dalit ngo objective

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Q: What is the overall objective of NGO's?
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Which SMART objective related overall mission of your business?


Which smart objective relates to overall mission to your business?


What is the goal NGOs seek?

The goal of most NGOs is to address humanitarian needs.

If all companies had an objective of maximizing shareholder wealth would people overall tend to be better or worse off?

If all companies had an objective of maximizing shareholder wealth would people overall tend to be better or worse off?

What is role of ngos in development of Pakistan?

NGOs play very important role in Pakistan.

When was JEN Japan Emergency NGOs created?

JEN Japan Emergency NGOs was created in 1994.

What are the objective of deregulation?

The main objective for deregulation thus is to increase the overall efficiency in the sector, which implies use of expertise to reduce shortcomings in technical, Managerial and overall operational fields. Ajemrena Fidelson Delta State Polythecnics, Ozoro 07060437091

How many NGOs are there in Bangladesh?

According to govt. register there are 2204 NGOs in Bangladesh. although there are many NGOs reg, expire but govt. keep their name. H.N. Barmma email:

What are the function of NGO?

Function/Objective of NGOs are....1. Promote the interest of the poor2. Protect the environment3. Provide the basic social services4. To relieve suffering5. Undertake community developmentThank u.Shakti RamChatra (Jharkhand)RMC, Cuttack

Which characteristic most distinguishes nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) from intergovernmental organizations?

Answer this question… NGOs are supported by donations rather than government funding.

Programs of ngos for women empowerment?

NGOs for women's empowerment focus on women's access to healthcare, education, and legal representation. Some NGOs help women develop employable skills and find paid work.

What is an strategical objective?

a strategic objective is an objective that is in alignment with the overall strategic direction of the organisation which is in turn in line with it's mission and vision. Objectives should always be SMART which means Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely or time constrained.