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It is e-(word), such as email, which means electronic mail.

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reelect - prefix re- means again

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Non elect

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Q: What is the prefix for elect?
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What word has the prefix e means?

eject elect equate emerge erode elude elite

How can you use elect in sentence?

i elect you

What is the plural of governor?

The plural of governor-elect is governors-elect.

What is the possessive plural of president elect?

The possessive plural of "president-elect" is "presidents-elect."

What part of speech is elect?

Elect is a verb.

Does the president elect or vise president elect take the oath first?

Vice President-elect Joseph Biden will be sworn in prior to President-elect Obama.

Who elect the governor of California?

the people elect the governor

When was The Elect Lady created?

The Elect Lady was created in 1902 by George MacDonald.

Did popes elect cardinals?

Popes do not elect cardinals, they name them.

Who is the elect?

<h1>the president elect of the U.S.A is Barack Obama:].

What month do we elect president?

the month we elect the president is in January

When was Elect the Lords created?

Elect the Lords was created in 2004.