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Less than .005%. People with 2 tongues is a very rare occurrence

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Q: What percentage of europeans are bilingual?
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What percentage of Mexico is bilingual?

Approximately 13% of the population in Mexico is bilingual, with Spanish as the main language and an indigenous language as the second language.

What percentage of Europeans are white?

Approximately 95% of Europeans are white.

What percentage of Belgians are bilingual?

All Belgians are required to speak French and Dutch (but of course not all of them can)

What percentage of Europeans drive cars?

The best jungle tribes are the Europeans, Zulus and the mysterious poofter tribes

What percentage of Europeans speak three languages?

28 percent

What percentage of Europeans lived in towns or cities during the 1700s?


What percent of Europeans have a college degree?

Approximately 30-40% of Europeans have a college degree. This percentage can vary depending on the country and region within Europe.

Is bilingualism branch of sociolinguistics?

Bilingualism is a concept within sociolinguistics that examines how individuals and communities use multiple languages in their communication. It focuses on the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of bilingual language use.

What is the abstract noun of bilingual?

The noun form of the adjective bilingual is bilingualism.

How do you become bilingual?

Bilingual means you can speak two languages so you become bilingual by learning another language.

How do you spell bilingual?

"Bilingual" is spelled b-i-l-i-n-g-u-a-l.

Is there a synonym for bilingual?

Yes, "bilingual" is synonymous with "bilinguistic" or "two-language."