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Separation of powers

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Q: What theory presents a view of the nation and the Constitution that is closest to the doctrine of nullification?
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What are the four methods that justices might use to interpret the constitution and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

1. The plain meaning of the words in the Constitution Adv. The court can base its decisions closest to how the Framers meant the Constitution to be interpreted. Dis. Not all questions are answered in the Constitution and there were disagreements on some meanings of words. 2. The intention of the framers Adv. It is most faithful to the ideas of the Constitution. Dis. It was really hard to determine what the Framers meant on some issues. There are no guidelines for the types of situations that did not exist when the Constitution was written. 3. The Constitution is based on some fundamental principles of government Adv. Uses the basic ideas of our government on basic principles and values. 4. Today's social values and needs Adv. They use more modern approaches that fit to our current culture. Dis. People opposed to methods 3 and 4 say that it gives the justices too much freedom to decide cases according to their own political and personal beliefs.

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Constitutional home rule?

Granted constitutional independence to some local units, primarily larger cities, giving them constitutional authority over their form of government and a wide range of other matters.

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What is the nullification theory?

To nullify means to render ineffective. If you nullify a contract. a warranty, or even a marriage, the effect is as if the thing had never happened. In law ( which is sometimes redundant ) things are sometimes said to be "null and void" - that is, "nothing and nothing." Another example of legal redundancy is the term "cease and desist" which literally means: "stop and stop." ... goes back to the olden days, when lawyers were paid by the word, I guess.

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Who was knows as the Father of the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were in France until 1789 and 1788 respectively during the creation of the U.S. Constitution (1787). James Madison is "known" as the Father of the Constitution because his input was closest to the resulting components. Plus because kept the best notes, he gave it voice after 1826. The proceedings were kept secret per the Rules Committee and only released after Madison died.

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