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Britain, France and America.

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Q: What three countries where involved in the Battle of Yorktown?
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How was Corn Wallis involved in the battle of Yorktown?

It was the last battle of the American Revolution and Cornwallis surrendered there. He was surrounded on all three sides by American forces.

What are the three battles of sites were important in the revolutionary war?

battle of lexington/concord, battle of bunker hill and the battle of fort tycoderoga

What three countries were involved in the zimmerman note?

The US, Germany, and Mexico were the three countries involved in the Zimmermann Telegram. It was sent by Germany to Mexico in 1917.

The two countries involved in the kashmir conflict?

Three countries.....India , China and Pakistan

What three people helped secure victory for the Americans at Yorktown?

The Battle of Yorktown occurred on September 28, 1781. Three key figures that secured the American victory against the British forces were George Washington, Francois Joseph Paul de Grasse and Gilbert du Motier.

What are three countries involved in the axis?

Germany, Italy, and Japan.

How many American torpedo planes were launched from the hornet enterprise Yorktown in the Battle of Midway?

The three American carriers launched a total of 42 torpedo planes during the Battle of Midway..15 from Hornet, 14 from Enterprise, and 13 from Yorktown. Of the 42 which attacked the Japanese carriers, only 7 returned. Yorktown lost 10, Enterprise lost 10, and Hornet lost all 15.

Which emperor was not involved in the Battle of the Three Emperors of 1805?

Emperor Wilhelm I Of Germany

What are some aircraft and ships that were used in the Battle of Midway?

US SHIPS: * Three aircraft carriers: Hornet, Enterprise, Yorktown * Eight cruisers * Fourteen Destroyers * Some submarines shielding the fleet (but not in the battle itself)

What three European countries were involved in American affairs?

britain france and spain

Which battles did George Washington win?

If you are asking about the French and Indian war. He didn't win any and may have helped start the war. In the American Revolution he lost the first few but after Trenton he began to win and won the final battle ( with the help of the French) at Yorktown.

Why where the three major countries involved in world war 1?

britan germany and france