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The death tool of English, Americans, and German totaled about 51,000. I am not sure about French.

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Q: What was the death toll from the American Revolutionary War?
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What is the total American death toll in the Iraqi war?

4210 confirmed deaths.

American death toll for World War 1 per year?

2,100 american death for the first year in ww1,

American Civil War death toll?

I do believe more than 10,000 people died.

Did you fight the American Revolutionary War because you wanted to get more of America past the Appalachian Mountains?

The American Revolutionary War had nothing to do with the Appalachian Mountains! The Revolutionary War occurred because colonists were tired of being taxed to death on all goods and services, and they wanted to rule themselves.

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What was another name for the American revolutionary war?

The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) is also known as the American War of Independence.

When did Spain in the American Revolutionary War happen?

Spain in the American Revolutionary War happened in 1781.

When did American Revolutionary War happen?

American Revolutionary War happened on 1775-04-19.

Death toll World War 2 Britain?

The total death toll for the United Kingdom in WW2 was 450,400

When was the American war of revolutionary?

The Revolutionary War started in 1775 and ended in 1783.

Where was the American Revolutionary War located?

The Revolutionary War was located in the 13 colonies

Where can you find pictures of the American Revolutionary War?

you can find pictures of the American revolutionary war on the internet,library, or in pa.